Unprecedented Contracts For A Movie Streaming Company

Sector: Media Clients

The Overview

In pre-Netflix days, the world was only just beginning to realise that Hollywood movies could be streamed direct onto your home computer or hand-held device.

Our client swiftly jumped into pole-position in the race to sign up the Movie Studios due to its superior technology which was able to securely protect the downloads from illegal copying. In the space of a few short months, we sat with our client across the table from some of the biggest names in media. From the studios (Universal, Disney, Fox, Sony…) to the device manufactures (Dell, Sharp, Samsung…).

We negotiated, designed, created and drafted never before seen contracts, for movie streaming services which had never existed before. We devised innovative ways of licensing content onto computers, phones and game-boxes. And, of course, we had a lot of fun too in the process!

After only a couple of years, our client saw that it was too small to make an impact in a market that was rapidly being taken over by much larger competitors. So, it sold out to a major UK broadcaster who took their technology in house to roll-out their own video-on-demand product.

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