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Services we provide

We provide a number of different services for all types of businesses.

Commercial Contracts

We help you produce a range of airtight commercial contracts, including client contracts, supplier contacts, various agreements and more, customised to your business.

Data Protection

We advise on data protection laws to ensure businesses remain GDPR compliant. From privacy policies, to marketing emails, we help you navigate changing data protection laws.


We help businesses with all aspects of employment law, covering classification of individuals, employments contracts, contract termination, dismissal, and redundancy.


Whether you are a franchisor or a franchisee, we offer the expert legal advice required for franchising agreements of complex matters and intellectual property.

Fundraising and Investments

With you from day one, we help you establish your business, legal agreements and understanding ready for fundraising and investment.

Joint Ventures and Partnerships

Our team of experts provide comprehensive legal advice for joint venture and partnership agreements, outlining the difference and benefits of the two structures.


Protect your products, services and brands with licensing agreements. We produce the right clauses and terms to protect your business and hard-earned reputation.

Shareholder Agreements

We help companies formulate shareholder agreements, setting out company operations, dispute resolution, and preventing future deadlocks.

Terms and Conditions

Tailored to the purpose of your business website or app, we draw up specific terms and conditions that offer complete protection.


We aid in the trademark process, helping small and large businesses alike to safeguard their unique logo, brand name, slogan and more.

R&D Tax-Back

We can help secure your R&D Tax claim in the shortest possible time.

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