Property Development

How We Help Our Property Developer Clients

Over the last number of years, we’ve found ourselves developing a new and exciting niche. Property development. We’re now pleased to work for a significantly large number of property development clients. The property developer community is a fairly close-knit group, and we’ve been fortunate to have built a great reputation with our clients, who keep referring new property developers to us almost every other week!

Although we don’t handle conveyancing, we do help you create the structure and business model that’s right for you. From multi-party shareholding agreements and investment contracts to loan agreements, joint ventures and partnerships. We can advise you quickly and easily on the options available to you and guide you through market practice and investor expectations.

We often find that our property investor clients are new to the industry and welcome the fact that we can carefully and knowledgeably guide them through the process and be on hand to support them as they get to grips with their new venture.

And we’ll do all of this at a reasonable and realistic cost, clearly explained up front, so there are no unwelcome surprises down the road.

We’ve been very fortunate to build strong and trusting relationships with an increasing number of property developers and investors who turn to us as their ‘go-to advisor’ for all their legal and contractual needs. Take a look at some of the hundreds of five-star reviews our property clients have given us over the years.

We’d love to speak with you too and help you create your own property portfolio.

Sectors we work with

We provide services for a number of different sectors including start-ups, property developments, small businesses and more.


We help you from day one, and stay with you all the way. From incorporating your company, to advising you on the terms of your articles of association and shareholders agreement.

Small Businesses

We help small businesses in all different types of industries. From early stage, high growth, online businesses to long-established bricks and mortar companies.

Media Clients

Our media clients love the fact that we’re experienced in the world of media and understand their industry and their way of doing things.

Online and Ecommerce

We work with hundreds of online and ecommerce clients. Creating solutions to help make the world an easier, more connected and more enjoyable place to live.


We’re proud to work with a number of leading online banking and payment processors, bitcoin and crypto-currency trading solutions and peer-to-peer lending platforms.

Property Development

We can advise you quickly and easily on the options available to you and guide you through market practice and investor expectations.

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