Retaining and Incentivising Key Employees

Sector: Small Businesses

The Overview

With awareness and attention increasingly turning to protecting the environment, our client developed a winning idea. She created an award-winning innovative product to help reduce waste in the fast food and entertainment industry.

But having a good idea was only the beginning of the process. Over the next couple of years, we were on hand to help her to navigate her fundraising rounds and to help her put in place a solid and appropriate corporate structure. As her business continued to grow, our client decided it was important to retain and incentivise her key employees, so she turned to us to create an employee share option pool for the company’s employees, contractors, and advisors.

We created a tax-efficient EMI Share Scheme for her qualifying employees and, simultaneously, a matching non-EMI version of the same scheme for those staff members who didn’t qualify for the EMI Scheme.

The client is now set for continued growth. It has the right framework in place to scale up and expand its markets and global reach, supported by a workforce who really care about the company’s success because they also feel like it’s their company too.

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