Fintech Case Study

Sector: Fintech

The Overview

Our client is a new entrant into the online banking and payment processing market. Creating new fintech products and services which are literally one of a kind.

They turn to us for support in helping them create their new product offerings and bespoke service packages. There’s (almost) no rule book in some of these areas. So, common sense, solid corporate and commercial legal experience and some creative flair is what’s required to create the terms and conditions which underpin these new products and services.

Fintech companies often chart new and unchartered territory. So, its important to have the right legal advice to ensure creativity and innovation can flourish whilst the business remains on solid legal ground.

Sectors we work with

We provide services for a number of different sectors including start-ups, property developments, small businesses and more.


We help you from day one, and stay with you all the way. From incorporating your company, to advising you on the terms of your articles of association and shareholders agreement.

Small Businesses

We help small businesses in all different types of industries. From early stage, high growth, online businesses to long-established bricks and mortar companies.

Media Clients

Our media clients love the fact that we’re experienced in the world of media and understand their industry and their way of doing things.

Online and Ecommerce

We work with hundreds of online and ecommerce clients. Creating solutions to help make the world an easier, more connected and more enjoyable place to live.


We’re proud to work with a number of leading online banking and payment processors, bitcoin and crypto-currency trading solutions and peer-to-peer lending platforms.

Property Development

We can advise you quickly and easily on the options available to you and guide you through market practice and investor expectations.

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